Video Tutorials: Greystone Gardening with George

Greystone Gardening with George

Los Angeles County UC Master Gardener George Pessin, in collaboration with Greystone Mansion, has put together a series of short, informative videos that cover an array of gardening topics. I have included a list of links and descriptions below. Perhaps, you will find just the information you are looking for in one of them (or all of them)!

Episode 1 – Getting Started
Choosing a location, seeds, or seedlings, make a sketch.

Episode 2 – What to Grow In
Containers, raised beds, or directly in the ground? If you have the available space do all three.

Episode 3 – What to Grow and When to Grow it
In mild winter areas, we have two main growing seasons, the fall/winter and the spring/summer. We grow cool-weather crops in the fall and warm-weather crops in the spring. Please click here to view the 
vegetable family chart that I reference in the video.

Episode 4 – Essential Tools
What are the essential tools of gardening that you need to get started? Probably a lot less than you think.

Episode 5 – Plant Nutrition & How to Amend a Bed
To improve the structure of the soil as well as to add back nutrients we amend our beds every season by adding compost or manure. During the season we use organic fertilizers to feed our plants the essential nutrients they need in order to thrive.

Episode 6 – Tomato Planting from Seed to Transplant
From starting tomato seeds in trays to potting up, to transplanting, follow along as we grow our tomato plants.

Episode 7 – How to Grow Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are a warm-weather crop with a long growing season. Potatoes are a cool-weather crop, though here in southern California we can plant potatoes practically all year. See our video on how to get started.

Episode 8 – Composting and Worm Composting
Composting involves the decomposition of organic matter through environmental methods that speed up the process. Vermicomposting is the decomposition of organic matter by worms.

Episode 9 – Irrigation
Like humans, plants need water to survive. See best practices of irrigation for your garden and for your containers including different watering methods.

Episode 10 – Garden Activities for Kids – Homemade Gifts
Six different garden activities that parents and children can do together at home.

Episode 11 – DIY Potting Mix
Making your own potting soil can save you money and give you a superior product. You can use this mix for containers large and small as well as for raised beds.

Episode 12 – Pollination and Pollinators
Pollinators are the insects and bees that facilitate the sexual reproduction of plants. Learn about the male and female parts of a flower through The Honeybee Poem.

Episode 13 – Harvesting
Enjoying the fruits of our labor is what it’s all about. Pick early, pick often!

Episode 14 – Mulch and Mulching
Mulch is indispensable. It provides nutrients, looks nice, and cuts down on watering.

Episode 15 – Integrated Pest Management
How we deal with pests and disease in our garden.

Season 2
Starting the Winter Garden
In southern California, the season for cool weather crops is approximately October through April.

Saving Seeds and Sexual Propagation
Saving seeds from our summer fruits for next season.

Winter Garden Maintenance
We discuss fertilizing, thinning, pest control, blanching, and harvesting.


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