Tink’s Fanfare

Tink’s Fanfare Score    

A Christmas Round

http://abacus-es.com/dt/xrnd.mp3 Now it’s Christmas Gone is the year What did I do in April Or midsummer’s day? Then as the leaves turned gold It slipped away

Forrest Waltz

Written for dance teacher, Forrest Walsh, on his 40th birthday.  He probably never listened to it. — DK Titche Musical Score      

X Times More Than

If you have twelve and I have three You have four times as much as me If I have four and you have two Do I have two times more than you? Is “X times more” “X times as much”? Well yes, it’s often meant that way But when it’s stated straight as such One […]

The Ben and Laura Jig

Performed by Ben Hockman