Homeschooler Alma Deutscher — compilation

Composition — improvisation

Shared improvisation at the age of 7 with Tobias Cramm.  This is such a wonderful use of practice time; one of the best types of exercise.

The advantages of being a homeschooler — one has time to learn.

Alma Deutscher Violin Concerto in G Minor.  Breathtaking music and technique.

Duet of the Stepsisters from Cinderella by Alma Deutscher.  Quite a voice and plays the accompaniment.

Piano Concerto in E flat by Alma Deutscher

Interview and music, Israel

Why music should be beautiful.  Writing music in forms more akin to those of the 18th and 19th century will encounter stern opposition from modern academics.   With her talent, she may well prevail though and outlive the toxic unmusical backwater of current academic composition.  Musicologists of the future will be able to see more clearly what deserves to withstand the test of time.

And indeed, she calls for a harmonious future.

Variations in E flat by Alma Deutscher, age 11.  Note the variety, counterpoint and harmonic complexity.

Full Concert, Carnegie Hall