New free online seminar: Rhetoric, the art of persuasive language.

Seminar to start in January 2012

Rhetoric — the art of persuasive language, both written and spoken. Topics may vary but emphasis will be upon vindicating and validating the unaffiliated, out-of-the-loop scholar and organization. Projects will include papers, lectures and debates and selected products will be published.

The theme: Academics should be judged by their works, not their degrees.

Will take place in a the Moodle classroom and through periodic teleconferencing.

Duration: To be determined.

  1. One predominant aspect of this class will be the study, analysis and appreciation of the work of the great orators of the past century.
  2. Rhetorical devices will be covered though their use in context will be given greater emphasis than labels and taxonomy.
  3. Participants will present papers, probably with tendentious and disputatious themes. These will be critiqued and polished by the class.
  4. Debates, interviews and lectures inspired by the papers presented will be scheduled with online conferencing. Commentary and suggestions will be offered by the class.
  5. Steps 3 and 4 above may be repeated as many times as subjects and interest arise.
  6. There may be some incidental study of the dribble and detritus commonly generated in the moribund wastes of established academia. This is not to imply that such works dominate in academia, only that they exist and proliferate.

The criticism and rejection by scholars of out-of-the loop learning is commonly based on the claim (often valid) that erudition, perspicuity and general scholarship are lacking outside of institutions of higher learning. In this class we will attempt to produce works that belie that misconception and will practice oratory skills with which the uncollegian can convincingly discredit and rebut the dismissive and disparaging prejudicial claims of mainstream academics.


Organized by Abacus Ed.

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