A Verse That Can’t Be Emailed: The Forbidden String: MEGA.NZ

You may well find that you cannot send an email containing this domain name!

Recently found that emails sent were not arriving — no bounce, and eventually discovered that they were being tossed for containing a specific domain name, that of the cloud storage I use, which I cannot name lest this email go also awry. Anyway, it inspired the following:

M3GA.NZ, The Forbidden String

Email speech just isn’t free.
Change “3” to “E” and try
To email these few lines and see!
Yes, you might well ask “Why?”!

It seems that some domains offend,
They’re words we may not say.
No mail with those words can we send.
It’s simply thrown away.

They say that it reduces spam
And that might well be true
But to repress these tins of ham
My every word’s gone through

in search of a seditious trope
Or some unsanctioned claim
Which bodes a secret slippery slope
Of outlawed word and name.

Our email content — word and thought
Thus fails to flourish free
And there may well be others, not
Just MEGA dot en zee.


— K. Titchenell

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