A Glimpse into Learning

She drew in one direction and I in another, referencing the strings as needed. She came to add a few twists and turns in mine that magically enhanced the realism.  The picture evolved over some undetermined time, time which seemed to have become forgotten and irrelevant.

Finally standing back and regarding our project, she said “Now, take a look at what you’ve done.”    I couldn’t believe it and was immensely proud, quickly snapping a picture of it before it could vanish away as all content on such an evanescent medium always did.  Jenny seemed just as proud of my accomplishment as I was.  It was then that it hit me.  I had learnt something, something wonderful.  There was no assignment or deadline, no grade.  Jenny had taught me her art willingly and without any mandate other than her own enthusiasm for the art and I had learnt it with similarly unbelabored fervor.  It was magical.  When I looked at my phone I realized that school had ended more than an hour ago, we went our ways, but that experience stayed with me — a fascination but one without context nor agenda.

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